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Playing Out of Character

Mar 25, 2019

Our two villains find themselves alone with an artefact that is responsible for Magz and Rowan's lives. Leonard and Elliot are met with some unwelcome visitors and have to hightail it out of there with a man thought to be an urban legend. They learn more about UMBRA. The gang is split up. Follow us on Twitter @POoCPodcast.

Mar 18, 2019

The four morally ambiguous people in our story meet up with some heat on 3rd and Marine after Leonard denies Ryland's call for aid. Elliot and Magz have a heartfelt moment. Rowan procures a jar of sugar. Leonard blows off some steam. Elliot gets in a fender bender. Magz uses the object in her red handbag. The gang beats...

Mar 11, 2019

Our two villains, one antihero and one well meaning merchant start on the trail of Ryland, after meeting with Loremaster Jefe and getting their first clue. Elliot encounters an old face. Rowan and Magz go back to the bookstore. Leonard gets a call and makes a promise. The gang gets split up. Some of the...

Mar 4, 2019

Our four heroes (?) tie up a few loose ends. Leonard makes a dastardly deal. Magz makes enough credits to buy some bananas. Rowan is trying to get ingredients for human stew. Elliot gets a nice plant. The gang meets with the Loremaster. Some of the podcasts mentioned: Advantage, Fate and Fablemaidens, Shattered Worlds,