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Playing Out of Character

May 27, 2019

Due to complications with bandwidth at Gaven's apartment, the System arc has been on a momentary pause. In light of that, Taylor and Gaven sit down to have a conversation about rpgs, stories, and game mechanics. Give us a follow on twitter @POoCpodcast.

May 21, 2019

The fools continue to carry out tasks. Elliot gets his first symptoms of Renfield's Syndrome. Magz learns about some cool new spells. Rowan makes a bovine friend. The gang has a party at Elliot's. Follow us on twitter @POoCPodcast.

WARNING: Seriously, this has some adult content. Language, violence, lots of gore, and...

May 14, 2019

The fools set off separately to clean up some messes that were made and learn about new powers within themselves. Rowan goes to meet Bull McKraken, a fellow in the Age of Antiquarius. Leonard dives deep into the Old World to find an ancient power. The gang is split up... Again. Find out what Magz and Elliot are doing on...

May 6, 2019

The fools bring the fight to Ryland. About time for a big boss battle. Rowan gets in a classic tussle. Elliot displays genuine emotion. Magz slows down her tide of corruption. Leonard gets his hooks into snail meat. The gang finally puts the dukes to Ryland. Follow us on Twitter @POoCPodcast.

WARNING: Seriously, this...